University Tutors for Seattle Schools (UTSS) is a Washington State Nonprofit Corporation that provides paid undergraduate and graduate tutors to elementary, middle and high schools in the Seattle Public Schools (SPS).  Tutors are hired based on skills identified by schools, and once placed, are directed by the principal and his or her appointed coordinator for the duration of the contracted school year. UTSS provides support throughout the contract period including training for tutors and building site coordinators and handles all employee business responsibilities.


The focus of each UTSS school partnership is to increase identified students’ targeted knowledge as identified by the school and measured by assessment tool(s) it deems relevant. Each school is able to utilize the energy and intelligence of university tutors to support teachers and students in various capacities to achieve these academic pursuits. Tutors can serve as circulating classroom assistants, lead small group or provide individual academic support sessions either in class or other designated school spaces during regular school hours. Additionally, UTSS tutors can serve before and after school, on Saturdays, and in school-authorized academic programs during mid-winter and spring vacations.


SPS is the largest school district in the state of Washington serving over 54,000 students and over 100 schools. Since its inception in 2012, UTSS has placed over 350 tutors in 26 SPS sites across grade levels. For the last decade, SPS has consistently outperformed the state’s academic average and often performs better than similar districts nationwide. Despite these achievements, SPS continues to have unacceptable achievement gaps between white students and students of color. UTSS joins SPS in its work to increase achievement for students who have historically not been served well. Our tutors collaborate with SPS staff to support the mission of preparing students for college, career, and life.

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