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 UTSS works with school principals and teachers to understand their students’ academic needs and goals and matches qualified, passionate tutors to support those goals.  UTSS supports grades K-12 and any subject area – from early literacy, middle school math, high school chemistry – and everything in between.
UTSS recruits tutors from local universities and adult community members committed to equitable public education.



 UTSS provides over 1,000 hours of tutoring support each week. Research shows that consistent, 1-1 support increases academic progress and builds students’ confidence, especially in students furthest from educational justice.
UTSS is committed to employ tutors who represent the students they serve and provide equitable pay, relevant job experience and opportunities for professional networking for tutors pursuing education careers.



UTSS increases the density of caring, highly capable adults in public school classrooms to increase student achievement and support teacher effectiveness.



University Tutors began in 2012 as a professor’s vision to bring the academic talent of young adults into K-12 classrooms. For eight years, this vision has expanded and placed over 350 tutors in more than 30 schools focused on providing academic support to students furthest from educational justice.


Cassandra Johnston

Executive Director

Cassandra started with University Tutors for
Seattle Schools (UTSS) in 2016 and has served
as the Executive Director since September 2017.

Liz Ryan

Program Director

Liz seeks to better prepare, support, and
empower educators in their work to provide
quality education to all students.

Aniyah Mohammed

Recruitment Manager

Aniyah Mohammed first joined UTSS as a tutor in 2020 and currently serves as the Recruitment Manager.

Mindy Goldberg

Marcom Manager

Mindy Goldberg joined UTSS in June 2021 when she returned to the Seattle area after living and working overseas.

OUR Board

Kyle Morean

History & Social Studies

Kyle is committed to improving the
effectiveness of classroom teachers and
increasing opportunities for students to receive

Anthony Drew

Budget and Finance Analyst

Anthony Drew is a Budget and Finance Analyst
at Seattle Public Schools. Previously, Anthony
worked as a school finance researcher with the

Marisa Bier

Founding Program Director

Marisa is the Founding Program Director of the
Seattle Teacher Residency program, a teacher
preparation program directly serving Seattle’s

Corey Little

Development Coordinator

Corey is an avid supporter of services/programs that level the playing field for all students accessing an equitable environment for learning.

Han Kim

Han comes to the board with extensive experience in banking and finance. He is currently the Senior Vice President at Harvest and also a managing partner at Pogoda Investments.

Christal Lee

Tutor Board Representative

As the 2020-21 tutor board representative, Christal will bring her knowledge and experiences from the classroom to the boardroom

KO Wilson

Board Member

K.O. manages the development and implementation of the Academy for Rising Educators (ARE) program – Seattle Public Schools

Trish Wissel

Board Member

Trish comes to the board with 20+ years of finance and project management experience and a passion for providing children the

Stephanie Jones

Board Member

Stephanie is a passionate advocate for educational opportunity. A California native raised in the Midwest, she chose to make

11 Partner Schools. 50+ Committed Tutors.

Our program lets teachers & tutors work together in the classroom setting to support whole learning
environments in a variety of subjects, fostering a secure learning base for children.


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